Next Order Deadline April 10, 2020 

Legacy Bricks at NOBTS

For one hundred years now NOBTS has existed to train church ministers and lay leaders to take the Gospel far and wide. Many seminarians find that training in a special and eclectic place like New Orleans has given them insight and edge to the ministry they would not have received otherwise. Legacy Plaza is now that special place where you can lay down a milestone of remembrance through a Legacy Brick or Paver.

Bricks are $250

With a brick at NOBTS, you have the unique opportunity to commemorate the journey. A 4"x 8" English Red brick allows for three lines of text, 18 characters per line, so you can write your name or family's names, dedicate a brick to a person who went above and beyond while you were in seminary, or pay tribute to the church that made seminary possible for you. Maybe you would like to honor your pastor or mentor that was trained here at NOBTS, what a blessing!

Premium Pavers are $1,000

Exclusive placement for these English Red 8"x 8" pavers is nearer to our cast bronze school seal at the center of Legacy Plaza. Three lines of text, 18 characters per line, gives ample space to record a legacy. Hurry, limited space is available for these premium pavers.


A Certificate of Dedication for each brick/paver purchased will be sent to the address entered on the final payment step of this form. They are mailed in the first week following the month of purchase. i.e. purchase in May and the certificate will be mailed the first week of June.

Brick Inscription Requirements

  • Each brick can have three lines of text with 18 characters per line.
  • Allow one space between words.
  • Spaces and punctuation count as characters.
  • Commonly used characters are: &, !, -, +, /, `, and " or '
  • All engraved characters will be capitalized and centered


Brick Text sample


  • When considering your inscription, feel free to print a copy of our Paper-Order-Form-ONLINE to work out the proper characters and spacing prior to entering it in this online order form. 
  • Select your Legacy Brick Type, Brick or Paver.
  • Then select who you are honoring with this donation.
  • Last, fill in the inscription fields. Review your inscriptions one more time before selecting the "continue" button below. 
  • This is the only time you will see your desired inscription. If you wish, you may want to screen clip or print this page.
  • Once you move to the next step your inscription is captured in the background. You will receive a confirmation email of this purchase. 

If you would like to order multiple Legacy Bricks, you will fill them out one at a time. A progress page will show up after you select the continue button and there you can choose to add another Legacy Brick/Paver or proceed to check out. 

A confirmation email showing your brick inscriptions will be delivered to your inbox within 2-3 business days. 

Ordering questions can be answered by calling the Office for Institutional Advancement 800-662-8701 ext. 3252

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